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I am Haukur, (my name means Hawk) an Icelandic born professional photographer educated in Reykjavík 1989-1993 at Skyggna Myndverk Studio/Lab. As to Iceland´s small market I have been working in various fields of photography during my career. But my main focus has always been Nature and Landscape photography. My late father, Snorri Snorrason, a commercial captain for Icelandair was a keen amateur photographer and outdoorsman.I went with him on various tours all around Iceland since I was a boy. He guided me not only through Iceland but also through all the basics of photography; lending me his old manual cameras such as Retina, Rolley, Mamya 645, Nikon and Hazzelblad.I ended in using for my self Pentax 6x7 medium format and Nikon FM2. I just recently gave up film for landscape and finally did the switch to digital now using Nikon D800 but still using my retro lenses from my old Nikon FM2 ;) !. My fathers photographs and mine can also been found here;  www.snorrason.is


During the years I have been privileged of travelling in Iceland with my camera. I have hiked many great routes, sailed my kayak, driven my jeeps to most places and then flown my small aircraft (Jodel D140) all over Iceland, and by that way I got to know Iceland very well and I discovered many locations did not know about before. Various weather and light conditions most often make sure I get new and different photographs every time. I supply the largest calendar publisher in Iceland with nature and landscape photographs, making 5 calendars annually. In 1999 I published my first book of photographs; Land of Light. Then in 2005 I launched my second book on Icelandic landscape and nature;  Experience Iceland.


Have been working as a freelance photographer for over 20 years, I now have left that market mostly and now I am all year guiding photographers of all skills from all over the world around Iceland, both on private tours and on scheduled tours. I also work with many foreign professional photographers that bring their small groups to Iceland plus I have guided several fashion shoots and TV crews.  Along with my wife Hadda, I operate my own Travel agency; Look North travel; www.looknorth.is which runs our small cosy guesthouse in south Iceland www.hrifunesguesthouse.is and of course our tours; www.phototours.is 


I sometimes take on private tours with normal clients (general purpose, not photographic tour)  including our small guesthouse, and its great location to the highlands and sights of south Iceland; www.exclusivetours.is


Be most welcome to contact me for further information.

Haukur Snorrason photographer, Karfavogur 22, 104 Reykjavík Iceland.

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